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What is the best way to keep your brain healthy as you age?

Alongside alcohol, cigarettes, and a routine lack of sleep, natural aging is a common threat to mental health. Mental functioning decreases as we age, and some people manifest clear signs of age-related mental decline. Nevertheless, the situation is different for all elderly people. Some senior citizens preserve a perfect long-term memory til their 90s and stay active in the community and at home. As a younger generation, we have to care about our elders so that they could think and speak clearly for as long as possible.
The best way to stimulate the brain is to make it work. Let your elders read, write, learn something new, and utilize skills acquired long ago. Think about old teachers who remain working at school for so long past their retirement age – their everyday mental activity saved them from becoming slow and unable to comprehend.
Doctors say physical exercise and manual work helps us build new connections between brain cells. Physical activity lowers cholesterol level and saturates cells with oxygen-rich blood. Besides stimulating mental activity, exercise is important for elderly people to keep their muscles active and functioning.
On the wrong side of 50, one cannot eat whatever they want any more. Metabolic processes slow down, and huge calorie intake gets critical in the old age. Saturated fats increase clot formation in vessels as we age, and the elderly shall pay more attention to grains, legumes, and vegetables. Extra intake of B vitamins will be a plus. These nutrients lower homocysteine that is linked to dementia.