Research proposal

A research proposal is a kind of paper in which you are supposed to prove why the topic you have chosen requires proper attention. The thing is that any proposal is viewed by a review board which decides whether to give you a chance to continue your research or not. That is why, the reason why you have to come up with a great paper is that your main aim is to impress the board. If it stands out, the members of the board will remember it and you will most likely be very well assessed.

However, you should understand that such papers are not so easy to write as a lot of steps have to be followed if you really want to submit an excellent research proposal. For this reason, you have two possible options. The first one is to start conducting a through research immediately so that to have some theoretical facts to insert into your paper. After that you will need to support all that with examples. Having finished with the writing, you will have to double-check the paper so that not to have any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes as you may lose points for that.

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Essay about corruption

Some people believe that due to the fact that corruption is a burning issue these days, it is very easy to write an essay about corruption. Well, it is not actually true as there are some pitfalls which you may come across in the process of accomplishing this task.

Of course, the good thing is that you will find a lot of necessary information. What is more, you may also find some papers dealing with this issue. If you manage to quote them properly, it will be a great material to use in your paper. However, keep in mind that plagiarism can be easily detected. That is why, learn how to format your list of references according to the rules.Speaking about the paper, the first thing which you should take into account is to be as informative as possible. As you are writing about corruption, the reader expects to see a lot of facts and statistic data in your paper. Don’t be lazy. Dig a lot so that to present all that information in your essay. It will win you extra points.

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